Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Savings

Check in here every Saturday to see how I've saved this week! It's proof that this works and you should be doing it too!!

I didn't have the greatest of weeks because I've been sick for a week solid now, but I did manage to get out a couple times in between catching strep and a severe cold, and sent the hubby out once! So this will just give you a small taste of how you can save!

This week, I'm writing out the coupons and deals that I used to get all of this. Next week, I will probably just list totals and pictures because you should be able to see all of the coupon match-ups with my Sunday/Wednesday shopping lists!


I made a couple quick trips to Walgreen's looking for the razor, and I eventually found it, but also found other good deals along the way!

  • 5 Nature's Valley granola bars (small 4 pks) - $1.29 each
    Used 5 $.50 off coupons
    Paid $4.30 (including tax)
    Got back $3.50 in Register Rewards (RR) to use on my next purchase
    Total spent per box = $.16 tax included!
  • 4 Sunsilk products- $1.09 each on clearance
    Used 2 $2.00 off 2 Sunsilk products coupons
    Paid $.76 (including tax)
    Total spent per product= $.19 tax included!
  • 1 Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor - $8.99
    Threw in Valentine clearance candy- $.16 (I had 2 coupons to use and you can't use more coupons that items you are buying! I ate it already so it's not in the pic!)
    Used $4 off coupon from P&G insert
    Used $3.50 RR from Nature's Valley
    Total spent = $1.65
    Got back $6 RR for buying Gamer Razor!

Total Spent Out of Pocket (OOP) = 6.71 with $6 RR left over so I really only spent $.71 on
Total Value= Just under $20 of product!!

Often I'll save my RR to spend on something else that will produce more RR, this week though I took it and spent it at Harris Teeter (who accepts $$ off total order coupons from other stores) on things that I needed and don't have coupons for!


I've gotten too much stuff free at Kroger lately to count!! Love it!!
  • 3 -4pks of Cottonelle $.99 each
    Used 2 $.50 off (doubles) and 1 $1 off coupons and $.25 shortcuts coupon = FREE (-$.25)
  • 1 YoPlus+ Yogurt $2
    Used $1.50 intertet coupon = $.50 (I actually bought some earlier in the week that I got for free with an insert coupon and a Shortcuts coupon)
  • 1 Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes Pouch - $1.09
    Used $.40 off coupon (doubles)
    and $.40 Cellfire coupon = FREE (-$.11)
  • 1 Multigrain Cheerios $1.67
    Used $.50 off coupon (doubles) and $.75 Cellfire coupon= FREE (-$.08)
  • 1 Healthy Ones Turkey lunch meat $1.67
    No coupon. I had some at home but I needed this and needed something else I was going to have to actually pay for! = $1.67

Total spent (tax included) = $2.32
Total value = $10.17

*It is debatable in the "coupon world" whether or not a paper coupon and an "e-coupon" (such as Shortcuts and Cellfire) should actually be used together or not. Many times store clerks will TELL you to do so, yet some people have said Shortcuts specifically says that shouldn't happen. But cashiers and U-Scan both take off the e-coupons automatically. I always load my e-coupons the beginning of the month and often don't even know what I still have! I had no idea I still had a Cottonelle e-coupon!*


I wanted to do a lot more CVS shopping this week than I did! I went once to pick up a prescription and grabbed these 3 products above as well.

  • Windex Wipes $2.50
    Used $1.50 internet coupon = $1.00
    There was a recent rebate form with insert coupons for these wipes. I'll get the full $2.50 back for that and MAKE $1.50 on this product! Yay!
  • The freezer bags and car air freshener were regular price and more than I'd normally pay, but I needed them and had a money card from returning a purchase

Total spent= $0, and will make $1.50 from rebate, plus I used a gift card to buy my prescription AND got another $25 gift card when they honored a Walgreen's coupon for a transferred prescription! So even with buying overpriced items I didn't spend anything and MADE money!

Hubby went to CVS later on to buy me some medicine, juice, Sprite and toothpaste. He spent around $15 using the previously earned gift cards and the toothpaste and juice earned him $6 extra care bucks which can be used like cash! Again, even though we bought things that we could've gotten cheaper elsewhere, we did spend any of our actual money!


I went to Target to get free Kashi bars, and was a little dissapointed because they weren't free. It's funny how when you are used to getting so much stuff for free, you get upset when it costs $.29! Ha! :)

  • 2 Kashi cereal bars $3.29
    Used 2 Target $1 off coupons
    and 2 Kashi $2 off coupons together
    (The Kashi one went fast- I just happened to get it before it disappeared!)
    Total Spent= $.58 on 2
  • Also got sucked into clearance! My favorite part of Target!
    2 Valentine T-shirts $1.25 each
    2-year month-by-month planner (really needed this as I hadn't gotten a planner for this year!) $2.50

Total spent = around $6 with tax (so those "free" bars ended up costing me!!)

Mail Call

This is just a sampling of free stuff I got in the mail this week!
  • Sample of Total Cereal, including a $.75 coupon
  • Entertainment, Shape, and Self magazines- all FREE subscriptions!
  • P&G Saver- $120 coupon book that I had to buy $50 worth of P&G products to get, all of which I got for free after coupons!

Check out Freebie Friday every Friday to get lots of great stuff like this! I'll also do some separate posts during the week on deals that will go fast (like magazine subscriptions!)

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

Please email me for questions, suggestions, and anything else at daisysdeals (at) hotmail (dot) com. As I begin this journey, please bear with me as I am still learning myself! If you see anything that you feel is inappropriate or against store/website policies please "politely" let me know.

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