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Beginning Your Journey to Savings: Stockpiling


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Stockpiling is a great way to save money and to prevent needless spending. Through stockpiling, you buy as much as you can of a certain product to last you until the next sale, so that you don’t end up paying full price for it when you “have to have” it.

This works great for Health & Beauty items and for non-perishables. Produce and other perishables are harder to do this, unless you can freeze those types of products.

When an item such as soup or rice goes on sale, you’ll want to gather as many coupons as you possibly can for that item and buy all that you will use in a reasonable amount of time. This way when you all of a sudden “need” rice for a recipe you won’t fork out regular price for it because you bought it for $.25 a box a month or two ago!

It takes time to build a stockpile, but you will get there! You will want to use some of your monthly budget to stockpile items because it will save you money in the future!

Everyone needs lots of toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner, right? So when you see a good deal on those items, buy as many as you have coupons for or can store. You’ll soon learn just how cheap you can get those items for, so start off slow.

If you see toothpaste for $.50 that sounds like a great deal, right? And it is! However, you’ll soon learn that often you can get toothpaste for FREE or even get overage on toothpaste at certain stores. I paid for toothpaste a few times when I first started couponing because it seemed like an unbelievable deal! Then I started to see it cheaper, and cheaper…and FREE and realized that happens often! So now, I try to buy it as much as possible when it is free, but if I miss a sale, its no big deal because it will come along again.

However there are other items that when you know you’ll need a good amount of it in the future, and it seems like a good price, you’ll want to go ahead and get a lot of it. If a better sale comes along, just buy more!

For example:

  • Kraft cheese put out several blinkie coupons for $.75 off of 2% cheese at Krogerand Publix
  • Harris Teeter had a sale for Buy One Get One Free and they double coupons up to $.99. When you used one of the blinkie coupons on the 2% cheese, it came out to be around $.40 a package! Great deal!
  • A week or two later Kroger had a sale on Kraft as well, and using the same coupons (which don’t double at Kroger!), the cheese was $.74 a package. Still good deal!
  • Another week or two later Harris Teeter had 2% Kraft on sale AND triple coupons! This made the same coupon take on a value of $2.25! And made the cheese come out to $.22 a package!
  • I bought a few at each sale, and then LOTS at the $.22 a package. This type of cheese has a pretty far off expiration date, and we use it a lot. If it’s a month or two away from the date and we haven’t used it, into the freezer it will go!

Stockpiling is really changing your thinking about the amount you purchase. Instead of buying what you need for right now, buy what you’ll need right now and in the future and you will save tons of money!

Make sure that you don’t stockpile stuff that you won’t use and end up having to toss! I once bought LOTS of salad dressing because I thought it was such a great price. Turns out I had to throw away a couple bottles because, as much as I wish we did, my husband and I just don’t eat a lot of salad. That was a newbie mistake, and we all make a few! I hate that I was wasteful, but the money that I have saved stockpiling the things I DO use has out weighed my over-eagerness in the beginning!

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