Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Savings!

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I had a pretty good week! It had been awhile since I'd stocked up on meat, so I scored a few good deals on that, and I went crazy at Walgreens with the Register Rewards deals! Good thing because I'm hittin it hard again starting tomorrow with a great Huggies deal at Walgreens. (I don't need diapers for my fam yet, but have a nephew and lots of friends who do!)
See my Sunday and Wednesday Shopping Lists to see how I got this stuff for so cheap!


I only hit up CVS once this week since even with new ECB deals, nothing really was enticing me! I had to go on Sunday night when I realized I had $9 in ECB's expiring that day, and I scored some good Valentine's clearance, and one free after ECB item. I got 6 girlie makeup/nail kits that I'll use as gifts for my nieces and girls I babysit for. They were 90% off and don't look too Valentiney! Girl stuff is always pink and hearts anyways! These cost $.50, $.99, and $1.29! Can't beat that for 6 gifts! :o) And the Nestle was $5 so I spent just a few cents over $9 and that went on a GC!
So out of pocket, I spent= $0
and came out with $5 in ECB!
Total Value= $48!!!!

I'm not a regular Food Lion shopper, but I saw they had free gum and a couple other things which I didn't find, but did score great on some discounted meat. And got the Hormel Apple Bourbon Pork Chops for aobut $1 after coupon! It was really good too, even though it only had 3 chops, but that was enough for 3 of us to eat along with a few sides!
Total OOP= $7.19
Saved= $8.75
not too bad since I really needed the meat!

I shopped twice at Publix before their sale ended last Tues, so none of these are on the current sales list! I'm trying to do my shoppin on Sun/Mon since they have mystery penny items that day! This week it was toilet paper, but by the time I went on Monday they may have run out so it was Pasta Roni or Powdered sugar. The Pop Tarts were BOGO and had peelies so they were $.19 each! The pasta sauce was BOGO, but was still a splurge because the hubby was cravin alfredo! The yougurt was free or I prob wouldn't have bought that kind! I'm not really a fan, but the hubby has almost eaten it all already!

Total Spent=$6.20
Total Savings= $22.12


This involved MANY different trips and rolling Register Rewards. One of the keyes to success at Walgreens is using your RR to buy more things that produce RR. When you throw in manufacturer coupons you can often MAKE money! I also got 8 bars of soap in another purchase that didn't make it in the picture! I could've scored LOTS more but each time cost me a little out of pocket in tax, so I just did it enough until I got some RR to last me for next week!
Total spent= $12.67 and $10 RR left over and $2.99 back in rebates so actual OOP for the week= -$.32!! Whoooopeee!
Total Savings= $62.10 (geez! no way I'd every pay that much for all that! see how little things add up??)

I love using the UScan at Kroger because that way I can do multiple transactions and carefully watch to make sure all my coupons are coming off!! This doesn't look like a lot of stuff, but to get the best value, I did 3 transactions!

  1. Bought 3 biscuits for $1.18 after coupon, earned $1.50 off your next order!
  2. Bought 4 Raisn bran for 2.29 each, register spit out $1.50/2 coupon as soon as I scanned the first one, which was better than the $1/2 I had, so I used one of each, and the $1.50 off from the last transaction= spent $5.87, earned $4.00 off your next order!
  3. Bought discounted milk, ribs, and bread, used $4 off your next order from above= spent $1.15

So all of that cost $8.20!
Saved $10.75

I'd normally spend less on cereal, but we were completely out and the hubby loves rasin bran! I didn't really need the biscuits but you can see how it helped save a few cents on the cereal, and the cereal helped me get the milk, bread and meat (harder to get cheap items!) for practically nothing!

Total spent this week $45.01 and earned $18 back in rewards and rebates!
$27.01 spent for the week!
$151.72 SAVED!!

I spent less all week than I would have, had I bought everything full price at the first store!! And this was a pretty high out of pocket week for me!

See how others did by visiting Super Savings Saturday at!

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

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