Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Savings

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WHEW! I've had quite the week of shopping with coupons- mostly due to Harris Teeter Triples (still going on until Tues, and I've noticed they've been restocking throughout!) What a bad week to have lots of coupons to cut and sort! I'm usually more prepared when triples roll around, but just no time to do it beforehand this go-around! I still came out pretty well, I think!

Here's my savings for the week!
See my matchups and prices in this week's Sunday and Wednesday Shopping lists!


Trip #1

I kinda goofed a little and used an insert coupon on No Yolks noodles which said "Do Not Double." I'm smart enough to know to ask to take that item off, but I didn't and only got face value! It's not in the pic because I planned to take it back but after so many other free things, I thoguht it couldn't kill me to pay $1.25 for some noodles!

Total Spent= $5.18
Total Saved= $28.09

Trip #2

This time used the right coupons for No Yolks! The internet coupons WILL triple!

Total Spent= $.95
Total Saved= $13.66

Trip #3

Buying Post cereal currently gives you $$ back off your next order! I got $2 back when I bought 3 Honeycombs, which were only $.35 a piece anyways after coupon so I made $.95 on these! I also used a $4 RR from Walgreens which helped make my total so low! That took care of the $.80 per cheese and the jelly!

Total Spent= $.79
Total Saved= $48.57 (wow!)

Trip #4

This time I spent more than my other trips combined but I needed veggies and took advantage of 2 deals going on: $4 off immediately when you buy 10 GM products (Green Giant, Pillsbury, and more), and when you buy 3 Kellogg's cereals you get a coupon for free milk your next order! I went right back in for my milk and some bread, so this is the 2 orders combined.

Total Spent= $10.58
Total Saved= $51.34

Harris Teeter Triples Totals so far:

Total Spent all trips= $17.50
Total Saved= $141.66


I went to Publix several time for free eyeshadow, toothpaste, and baby food, since those coupons are expiring soon! Other than the tea (last week's sale for $.64), everything else was stuff I just threw in to cover the extra coupons from the makeup and toothpaste, and the overage on the baby food! A couple of bananas and a bag of frozen peas are gone because they were eaten by the time I got around to pictures!

Total Spent= $11.19
Total Savings= $38.57


I swung by Food Lion looking for some coupons to use at Harris Teeter (which I didn't find!) but I did score some great deals on discounted ground beef and pork chops! I was pretty happy that I made up 10 different portions for 10 different meals from all this meat! I froze it all except a meatloaf I made for dinner tonight, and the rest is in the freezer already made up as hamburgers, meatloaf, and individual dinner portions. Easy to make 10 meals when there's only my husband and myself to feed!

Total Spent= $5.29
Total Saved= $19.62 (original price of meat)


This took a few trips because I kept forgetting to grab my coupons! The soup was about $.70 for 2 cans after coupons, which I thought was a decent deal especially since I had ECB's to use to pay for them! I also have been wanting to get some hair color and found some on clearance which I just used ECB's to pay for.

Total Spent =$.63 (all my totals were under $1, and once I paid cash even though I had a gift card I used on the rest- I also wanted to get rid of some change I was carrying around!
Total saved= $36.78 (yipes! I never would've really paid that much for this stuff! Drugstores are expensive unless you snag deals like this!)


No picture, because I didn't really get anything exciting and made several separate little trips looking for clearance Bic Soliel razors.

Used up a RR to buy Huggies wipes, bread, and Gillette Gamer Razor (which earned me $4 RR that I used at Harris Teeter)

Also bought 3 Bic razor refills on clearance for $3.59 which I got for free after a Walgreens coupon and a manuf coupon. And 2 small lip glosses on clearance I threw in to take care of overave with the Bic coupons

Total Spent= $2.93
Total Saved= $38.79


I earned a $25 Rx gift card, which I used to buy several things that weren't really on sale, but we needed, like lunch meat, block cheese, chicken breast, butter, etc.

Total spent= Under $2 (after using up the gift card)
Total saved= $27 (only used 2 coupons since the rest was all need stuff!)


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