Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

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Welcome to Thrifty Thursday!! Today, I have an excerpt from Woman's World magazine on different thrifty ways to use cotton swabs (or q-tips!).

I definitely need to find uses for them other than cleaning out my ears, since that's a big NO-NO! I know lots of you do it, but if you saw what the doc once pulled out of my ear from the build-up it left.....well, you'd never do it again either! (And you might nearly pass out, like me!)

Smart Ways to use:
Cotton Swabs!

from Woman's Day
Jan '09

  1. Junior Picasso "paintbrushes!" Bring out your tot's inner artist by putting out washable paints and a few cotton swabs. The perfect size for little hands, swabs give kids more control- and you less to clean up!
  2. Degunk your keyboard! Dampen the end of a swab with rubbing alcohol and run it between the keys of your computer keyboard to de-grime and disinfect. Works on TV remote controls, too! (sounds like something I need to do!)
  3. Dust off picture frames! Moisten the swab's tip and swipe inside dust-collectin nooks and crannies for gleaming frames in a flash!
  4. Test fabrics for colorfastness! Dip a swab in detergent and hold it on an inconspicuous inside seam of clothing for two minutes to see if the color bleeds. (does anyone ever actually test colorfastness??)
  5. Get silver jewelry sparkling! Dip a swab in silver polish and use to lift tarnish from the tiny crevices in your silver rings, earrings, and pendants. The soft cotton will make the metal glisten without leaving a scratch!
  6. Stop nail polish bottles from gluing shut! Trace around the rim of the bottle with a cotton swab dipped in mineral oil. Next time, the brush will unscrew with ease! (oh, man isn't a pain to open them sometimes?!)

I hope you've now found some thrifty uses for them other than sticking them in your ears! (Please don't! Trust me!)

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