Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Savings

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I'm a bit late on this, but it was a week worth sharing!! It was almost an ALL Publix week for me- finding sooo many things that gave overage! Most of that is thanks to a fellow Nashville blogger I just discovered- I Love Publix. She does an AMAZING job using overage and combinine competitor/store/manufacturer coupons to score GREAT deals, and I am LOVING her inspiration!

Trips #1-5 (last week's sale cycle)

This was my 5 trips to Publix for last week's sales combined! I made several little trips because I was usually just stopping in on my way running by, and also made one whole transaction just to use overage on a birthday card and gift bag I needed to buy ($2 for a gift bag is crazy, but not so bad when I can get it for free by using coupons on other items!
All of the items highlighted in green are things you can still get, so I marked the coupons!

6-Apple and Eve Juice (tiny boxes for $1.39)- FREE + overage (Still good using $.50/1 from Greenwise magazine and $1/1 in Summertime Savings Book!)
2-Cool Whip - $.25 each
2-Velveeta Shells- $.75 each
7- Dannon Danonino Yogurt- FREE (Still good using $1/1 in Summertime Savings Book!)
4-Glad Snack Bags- FREE + overage
9-Carfree Pantiliners - FREE + Overage (Still good using $3/3 in Green Advantage Buy flyer and $.50 ip or $1/1 I had from various magazines!)
1-Raid Wasp/Hornet- $.69 (others were free but I needed wasp kind for a nest on my porch!)
1-Raid Ant & Roach- FREE + (really barely enough overage to cover the tax!)
5- Tylenol Arthritis - FREE + Overage (Still good using $2/1 manufacturers coupon from 5/17 RP or 6/21 SS and $2/1 store coupon from Summertime Savings Book)
2- Breakstone's Sour Cream - $.75 each
4-Tortilla Chips/Penny Item -$.01
1-Hershey's Syrup= $.88
4-Bananas (rang up each separate to cover coupons!)- $.74
1-Publix soda- $.50
2-Corn- $.20 each
1-Zuccini- $.91
2-Baking Potatoes - $1.25
1-bread- $.89
1-Hot dog buns- $.99
1-Mushroom- $1.99
Not Pictured:

Coffee Filters (left them in car!) - $1.39
Birthday Card- $2
Gift Bag- $1.99
Total Spent- $11.50
$5.08 before taxes (dang those TN food taxes!)

You'll notice I got a lot of "little" amounts of produce, this is because I like to buy it using overage or throw in one or two to account for an item that has 2 coupons attached to it. You're allowed to use more coupons than items but it requires a manager override and I like to avoid that! I often bag and ring the items separately to count for more than one item!
Trip #6 for last week's sale cycle!

I actually needed pork and charcoal, so I decided to do the charcoal deal since it was still on sale at Publix! I know I didn't do as well as some with this deal, but we were grilling that night and having porkchops with in-laws the next so I figured I'd see how I could do! I probably should've done it along with items that gave more overage, but I'd already used up a lot of my coupons!
2 pks pork- $5.56- ends up being FREE + with $6 off pork wyb charcoal coupon
1- glad bags- FREE +
3- A-1 steak sauce - FREE + (these were only free at one Publix and cheap at the rest, I've noticed my Nipper's Corner store prices often less than other stores I visit!)
1- KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce- FREE (Free wyb Charcoal coupon)
1- Kingsford Charcoal- $3.99
1- Milk $2.25
1- Ball Park hot dog- $1

Total Spent- $8.04 ($2 of that was tax!)
Not my best, but not bad when we needed these things!
Trip#1- Current Publix Sales cycle
Everything you see in the back was stuff that we "needed." Everything in the front was free +, which I bought to pay for everything else! The only repeat deal here is they tylenol, which I discovered I had more coupons for!
ALL of these deals are still good through 7/14, the overage deals are good for awhile after still!
9- J&J first aid- FREE + (Used $1/1 manufacturer coupons and $3/3 Green Advantage Buy flyer- there are possibly some $3/2 mf coupons out there to make this a better deal!)
4-Tylenol Arthritis - FREE + Overage (Still good using $2/1 manufacturers coupon from 5/17 RP or 6/21 SS and $2/1 store coupon from Summertime Savings Book)

2- Muir Glen tomato sauce- FREE + (enough overage to cover tax!)
1- Knox gelatin - FREE + with $4 ip
Strawberries- $2.50
Blueberries- $1.67
Mushrooms $1.50
4- Cream of Chicken and Mushroom soups- $.65 each
Pancake Syrup- $2.39
Apples- $.95
Potato- $.68
Onion- $.83
Total Spent- $4.36

$.32 before taxes!! Wow, don't I wish we had no food tax (have to remind myself constantly we're lucky to not have state income tax!)
Without buying all of those things that gave overage, I would've spent much more on the things I needed. While those produce prices do seem steep for the small amount I got, it's worth it to buy small when there are just two of us!
To see other's great shopping trips, visit I Heart Publix, Money Saving Mom, Southern Savers, Fiddeldeedee, and I Love Publix

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

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  1. Stacey, you did amazing. I am pretty impressed with your savings.

    What does the Tylenol Arthritis cost?

    I'm going to do a post tonight or tomorrow for my daughter's birthday party and I'll be doing one for my shops tomorrow (FREE Kashi)!

  2. It's $3.48. $2 store coupon and $2 mf q! I'm pretty sure the only one that makes overage is the arthritis!