Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedesday Wares

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I am working on reformatting the way that I list deals! My goal is to be able to assist people who are just starting out and I'm afraid that by listing so many deals my "teaching" is getting lost by the wayside! My new goal is to post links to the best match ups, along with my shopping tips- and specifically detailed ones for places I shop at often!

I also plan to be more detailed about my own shopping trips (and you can pick up good deals from there!), and highlight some specific sales going on around Nashville (ie- Harris Teeter Triples and Kroger's competition with them!)

That's some links to stores that are currently running sales from Wed-Tues





  • Southern Savers
  • I'm looking for any other blogs that cover Bi-lo, to help out my SC readers, if anyone knows of any!

Any other stores you'd like me to list deals for? Comment or shoot me an email!

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

Please email me for questions, suggestions, and anything else at daisysdeals (at) hotmail (dot) com. As I begin this journey, please bear with me as I am still learning myself! If you see anything that you feel is inappropriate or against store/website policies please "politely" let me know.

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