Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Savings

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This week was pretty slow for me, with starting off the week still sick and then ending back at full speed when I got better! My favorite fam that I babysit for had twins this week, so between watching their other 5, substituting at my old school, babysitting for another family, and now staying the weekend with my Grams while my parents are out of town, there wasn't much time left for shopping!

See my Sunday and Wednesday Lists to see how I got this stuff so cheap!

Sunday, the hubs and I headed to Kroger, picked up some free tuna, discounted yogurt, stocked up a bit on tissues since I was going through about a box a day for a week (I definitely destroyed that stockpile!) I also got some Puffs with Vicks to save my poor nose, and I was happily surprised to get a $.25 e-coupon discount! Had no idea I'd saved that one!

I love Kroger's "Manager's Specials." They often put them on soon to expire items, so use them up quickly, like with the yogurt, or freeze them, like I often do with discounted meat.

Total spent= $7.72
(believe it or not, that's much more than I usually spend there!)

On Tues, before things got crazy, I headed out for a few things from Aldi, Walgreens, and CVS. I love going to Aldi for shrimp and fresh produce, when I can't find good deals elsewhere!

  • Aldi - broccoli ($.99!) lettuce, carrots, shrimp, Italian sausage (something I never buy, but the huuby begged for!), and spaghetti
    Total Spent= approx $13

  • CVS- Renuzit, Stayfree (both free after ECB!) and paper towels
    Total Spent= $0 used ECB and gift card for few cents left over after using $6 ECB, $6 ECB earned

  • Walgreens- 2 Reynolds wrap and valentine candy (to cover the reynolds overage!)
    Total Spent= $.21

I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more deals today before the sales change, but most of them will probably come around again so I'm not going to stress if I don't!


I did make it to Walgreens today to sneak in a few more free Reynold's Wrap!

I got 2 more Reynolds, and Ultra Swim Shampoo and Gillette after shave, each on clearance for $1! I had a printable coupon for $1 off Ultra Swim, so that was free! I possibly have a coupon for the Gillete but I didn't have one one me and I needed something to cover an extra coupon from the Reynolds-

Total Spent this trip= $1.13 including tax!

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