Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Savings

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I spent a good amount of my budget on diapers this week, but I earned lots back to spend later! I also had a GREAT week at Kroger and hope the savings continues since the Mega Event is carrying over to next week!

See my Sunday and Wednesday Shopping Lists to see how I got this stuff for so cheap!

I repeated the diaper deal, 3 times this week, for 3 different families with babies! So, multiply the diapers you see here by 3 for a total of 9 packages! I also took advantage of the shaving cream for $1.99 with $1 RR back! Each time I got diapers, I also earned $10 RR!! But gave one to my mom since she gave me the cash to buy that set of diapers!

Total Spent= $37.23 (whew diapers are expensive and that's after coupons! Should I start saving now?? :o) )
Total Value= $94!!
Total Register Rewards earned= $21
Total Rebates Earned= $8.25
Total out of pocket= $7.98 for 9 jumbo packs of diapers and 2 shaving creams!!


Trip #1

Got some fish on markdown for just over $1, and some money maker Pillsbury biscuits. The other 10 items were part of the buy 10 get $5 off your order, most of which were free or cheap after the discount! I used free pasta when you buy Armour meatball coupons to get the pasta that was included in the deal for extra, extra savings!

Total Spent=$5.51 ($3.97 before tax!)
Total Value= over $30

Trip #2

Did another Mega Event deal- buy 10 save $5. and hardly spent anything at all! I also used the $1.50 off your next order catalina that I earned last time from buying the Pillsbury biscuits. The tortillas were on manager's discount for $.99, which we just ate! Unless you are freezing manager's discount food items, you'll want to eat them quickly! They are marked down because they are expiring soon! Also bought some huggies wipes to go with all those diapers, and they were a $.50 money maker after coupon!

Total spent= $3.08 (half of that was tax!!)
Total saved=$30


I ran into Publix once on Tues. before the sales switched over to get some Egg Beaters for $.67 each with the printible coupons I had and the 3/$5 sale! Great price, especially since I spent $2 on one Publix brand one the week before! They were low on all kinds except these two, and I didn't realize that I got Southwest style ones! So I'll be exchanging one when I head in tomorrow to check out the penny item and this weeks current sales!

Total Spent= $3.19
Total Value= $12

Total Spent this week=$19.76 (including the $21 in RR!)
Total Value=$166

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