Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Savings

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Here's my savings for the week!

See my matchups and prices in this week's Sunday and Wednesday Shopping lists!


This trip was on Tuesday before the sales switched over! The rice was $.74 each and the sauce was $.49. I was running low on both, and this is one of the best prices I've seen on rice in awhile! I probably should've gotten more! I just started using Food Lion coupons for Gerber baby food to get it free plus $.21, and the Cover Girl eyeshadow has been free all month!

Total Spent: 3.56
Total Saved:$14.95

This is two trips combined from the current sales! The toothpaste, eyeshadow, cereal and babyfood were all free! Most of the produce I threw in to cover the extra coupons I had (read my note about that in this week's current Publix deals!), and I needed the mushrooms and peppers for dinner that night anyways!

Total Spent= $6.44
Total Saved= $28.92


I loooooove CVS and was happy to have reason to go a few times this week! I might even squeeze in one more trip today since I can get one more of the Dry Idea deoderants ($1 money makers!) I threw in a "Reinventing Beauty" mag because I needed $1 more to use up some ECB's and it has lots of great coupons! I also didn't realize that the solid deo was about $.50 less and it threw me off trying to use ECB's so I had to throw in a couple caramels they always have at the register!

I also got the month long free after ECB Vitamin D, but gave it to a friend I'm teaching to shop with coupons, so I earned $3 ECB's for that too!

Total spent= $0 (about $1.50 on a gift card between 2 trips to pay off the leftover tax)
Total saved= $27.65
ECB's earned= $13.00


Apparently, I forgot to take pictures!

I needed some veggies and fruits so I took a Walgreens $10 RR (notice I didn't spend anything at Walgreens this week? They were out of what I wanted at the few I stopped in at!), and used the RR at Harris Teeter to buy oranges, strawberries, onions, potatoes, lettuce, and chili powder. All of which were on sale for a price I would've paid anyways!

I went before I'd had a chance to look at sales, so I went back for a few free things- Wacky Mac Pasta and Dawn Dish soap. I also threw in a candy bar because everything I bought was free and I didn't want to look like I wasn't paying for anything! :o) Ok, I'll admit, I wanted the candy bar too!

Total Spent both trips= $3.88
Total Saved= $21.34


Again, no picture! But I did go in last night to look for some of the free after coupon stuff! Most of it is usually pretty elusive for me, as it seems my store's prices are always different. Does anyone else think it's odd that Walmart price matches...yet, so many of their stores have different prices?? Do they price match themselves? I've even discussed it with an employee once when I was buying strawberries for under $2, when I'd just come from a store where they were over $4!! She said that they can charge whatever they want if they think they can get the price in that area! Also there was a woman in line in front of me, who works at a different Wal-mart, but came to that one beacause she heard that the groceries were a little cheaper!! Crazy!

Sorry for diverting........all that to say I only found ONE thing that was free after coupon- Schick razors for $1.97 and I had a $2 coupon. I also grabbed some milk and some discounted bread and an All You magazine (which has TONS of great coupons!

Total Spent= $6.?? (can't find my receipt!)
Total Saved=$2.40 (plus lots of future savings with the coupons I got in All You)


No picture, because it was just meat, but I hopped in one night to grab some steak and found 2 pkgs of discounted angus steak for $5.65 for both! I also randomly found a meat rebate, so I'll get back $5 on the meat! Sweeeeeet!

Total spent= $.65 (after rebate!)
Total saved=$5

Total spent this week= $20.54
Total saved= $66.39 (not counting $13 back in ECB's!)

Wow, I wondered how I'd made it through the week after only adding in $10 to my cash this week from money I got in the mail for rebates! That's how! I only spent $20!

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