Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

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My mom and grandma have been giving me lots of their magazines after they read them, as if I didn't have enough free magazines to read! My grandma loves Woman's World, Woman's Day, and First magazines! I think they have some great stuff, but I always take it with a grain of salt since they all proclaim miracle diets on the front cover....right next to a picture of a scrumptious dessert! Ha! ;o)

While I've been reading them, I've find some great tips for reusing, saving money, and using every day items in different ways and thought I'd share some of them in the next few weeks!

From Woman's World......


Leftover Tricks

Forget tossing out that last bit just because it seems too little to save- or too hard to reach. With these tricks, you'll have less to throw out, giving Mother Nature a boost while you get all your money's worth!

  1. Make the most with marbles! Having a hard time pumping out the last bit of hand soap? Simply add a few marbles to the bottle--they'll fall to the bottom and raise the liquid level, making it easier for the pump to pick up every drop!
  2. Put it on ice! Next time you've got just a dab of tomato paste, a few drops of wine or a bit of any other food remaining, skip scraping it into the trash or pouring it down the drain. Instead fill up a clean ice cube tray with the leftovers. It'll keep for those last-minute- throw-together meals.
  3. Swish up a sauce! Don't let those stuck-to-the-side tidbits of salad dressing go to waste. Instead add a few ingredients to the jar, shake it up and --voila!--you have a tasty sauce to flavor dishes. Add some oil and vinegar to stretch out vinaigrettes or toss in some buttermilk or half-and-half for creamy dressings.
  4. Stock up on soup base! Got some leftover chopped-up veggies? Stash all your remaining bits ina resealable plastic bag and store it in your freezer. That way you have the makings for the perfect soup stock on hand--with all the prep already done!


I've been doing a few of these already, but it's good to have a reminder! I've never thought about putting marbles in a soap pump, but I may have to try it! I usually just add a bit of water at the end of the soap and swish it around to make it stretch...hmmm, kind of like the sauce tip, for soap!

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