Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

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I'm going to start doing some posts on ways to reuse/recycle, etc. everyday items! If you have any ideas to add, please do so in the comments or email me!

This comes from "Woman's World"

I always recycle my newspapers, but these are some great ways to actually use them after you're done reading! If you are getting the paper to get coupons, you definitely have lots of newspaper to use or recycle! I have never tried any of these and would be interested to see if they really work. With a couple of these ideas you could still recycle afterwards.

Don't Recycle Those Newspapers!
-Amanda Prost
Got a stack of newspapers piling up, waiting to be recylced? Before you take them to the curb, consider these alternate uses that will have all that print pulling double duty!
  1. Stoke the flames!
    Newspaper is a great starter for your fireplace. To get the flames, really going, roll it diagonally into a long tube, then into a knot. The shape greates a bigger spark to kick-start the coziness!
  2. Get tastier tomatoes!
    Wrap a winter tomato loosely in newspaper and leave it on the counter. The newsprint helps draw out the moisture, softening the fruit for greater taste.
  3. Sneak out of a slippery spot!
    Next time snow makes it hard for your car to get moving, slip a stack of newspaper under your wheel. The dry surface will give you enough extra traction to get unstuck.
  4. Wipe away streaks!
    For crystal-clear windows, polish the glass with a piece of newspaper. It removes unsightly streaks without leaving any lint like paper towels do!
  5. Ward off moths!
    Wrap wool sweaters and blankets in tissue paper then newspaper before stashing them away-- it's a free, all-natural way to fend off moths. (My addition-- is newspaper really considered??)
  6. Save your soles!
    Crinkle up newspaper and stuff it inside your slushy-wet winter boots. Not only will it absorb excess moisture, but the newsprint will help the shoe keep its shape and look like new.

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

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