Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thrify Thursday

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Thrifty Shopping at the Mall

What? You can shop thrifty at a mall?? Yes, you can! Right now especially, there are several great deals!

Whenever I shop at the mall, whatever store I enter, I head straight for the back and then shop my way towards the front! I am always searching through clearance, then sales! The past few times I've been to the mall (which hasn't been much lately since I'm trying to scale back!), I've seen some fantastic clearance sales! Everyone is hurting financially, even some of my favorite stores! I used to work at B.Moss Clothing Co., and they closed nation-wide a few months ago! :( Sad!

If you come across any stores going out of business, be sure to keep checking back as they reduce prices lower and lower! I'm not sure if any Linens-N-Things are still around, but I got a $140 griddle for about $10 awhile back!!

So, many stores are offering freebies and discounts to get you in the store, even if they aren't closing! If your budget is tight, be careful to not overspend and just go for the free or really cheap stuff!

Here are some current great deals:
  • Get 20% off at New York and Co (one of my fave stores!!) when you pick up a reward card in store and then sign up for their Rewards program. Even better, after every 5 purchases you make at NYC, you'll earn a $25 reward! (as if the coupons they send in the mail weren't enough!) This is NOT a credit card, although you can connect them if you have one, but they give you a key tag to scan everytime you make a purchase!
  • Old Navy has a new site which resets every week (looks like on Thursdays!) with GREAT in store coupons. I came across this site earlier while searching for coupons, but didn't realize how great it was until Mercedes at Common Sense with Money pointed it out! You have to search for coupons by clicking on different links around the page, and you'll only get one, so search for a bit before you chose! Earlier today there were $75 off $100 purchase coupons! Those were gone when I checked, but there are an unlimited number of 5% and 10% off your purchase coupons! Check it out every Thurs. to snag one of the good ones!
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  • Sign up to get a coupon from Victoria's Secret for a free tote and $10 off a $35 purchase from their Pink line. You don't have to spend a dime to get the tote! If you're planning on buying something Pink anyways, then use the $10 off too!

  • If you're a female between 18 and 29 (wahhh! I was 29 a couple months ago!) bring a copy of the April issue of Seventeen magazine or a printout of their homepage to get a free tank top from Aeropostale.(while supplies last)

  • Get a $5 coupon off a purchase of $5 or more at JC Penny's. You do have to enter a credit/debit card number so they can track your purchase, but you could use it on something cheap or clearance to get it free (or just pay tax, I'm guessing it has to be $5 before tax added!) My Penny Pile got 3 things for $.91 using this coupon!

  • Kohl's- sign up for email alerts and you'll get a $5 off coupon

(The following links were found at Southern Savers)

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