Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Savings

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Since I have been out of town, there isn't much for me to report today! I did get in a little Publix shopping while in SC, and LOVED the no food tax!! I spent a total of $.80 on 2 cake mixes, brownie mix, 5 cans of diced tomatoes, and 3 bottles of salad dressing!! That definitely gave me my fix for the week!

I also used up a few Extra Care Bucks at CVS to buy some baby shower supplies! Gotta love spending no money OOP on stuff like that!!

I'm taking another week long break from shopping to save some money and use up things we have, but I will be back to post some deals on Monday! Publix will be starting a new sale week, as will many other stores tomorrow! I'm going to be spending time with family all day tomorrow (as I hope all of you will too!), so things will have to wait!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!!

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

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