Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

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I'm on vacation right now in SC and NC, and for this edition of Thrifty Thursday I thought I'd share how I'm planning to save money on this trip since we don't have much vacation money to share!

  • Sleeping for free- I'm staying with relatives in SC, then my BFF's in NC and then she and I are heading to her hubby's parent's beach house- to stay for free! It's all about who you know in many places you visit! Right now I'm making plans for trips to Honduras and South Africa.....and I'll have free lodging even out of the country! :o)
  • Eating for free- I've been snagging lots of deals on free stuff after coupons, which you already know most likely if you've been visiting my blog! I'll mostly need food for the beach, and for weeks now I've been snagging free snacks, cheap meat, cheese, etc.- everything my BFF and I will need for some great meals at the beach! We'll eat out maybe once, but both of us are on a tight budget! All we should have to get at the beach is milk and bread and maybe some fruit! I brought a big cooler to haul all the perishibles in!
  • Driving for free (at least a couple tanks worth!)- My Grams has been wanting to come make a visit to our relatives here in SC, so by giving her a ride, I got some free gas money! Carpooling on road trips is the best!!
  • Entertainment for free- to keep my BFF and I entertained at the beach....well the beach itself is entertaining if it's not raining....we'll cover her preggo belly up with an umbrella and at least myself and maybe her legs will soak up some sun! I also brought tons of my free magazines for us to read and recorded to DVD some of our fave TV shows to watch together!
  • Gifts for free- I have a carload full of stuff for my BFF's baby shower this weekend. Tons of diapers, wipes, free goodies from Publix baby club, plus a few things for momma like soaps, candles, and air fresheners! Plus all the baby shower game gifts I brought, and a few b-day gifts for some birthday girlies I'll be seeing! My little Acura will be much lighter on the way home minus lots of food, and all the gifts!


You gotta splurge a *little* on vacation, right?? Here's my minor splurges

  • Pedicure- I almost never get these except when I'm visiting Honduras (they are sooooo stinkin cheap there that most of my friends can afford to keep them up constantly- on 3rd world teacher salaries no less!). But beach time, is just begging for some cute French manicured toes. Nothing like it to lift your spirits! BFF and I will be getting these Friday afternoon!
  • Eating at Elijah's- It's a must for passing through downtown catching a glimpse of TV shows that film there is just a bonus!!
  • Shopping- hoping to limit it to a small beach trinket or two, but we have several fave beach shops that are really hard to resist (note to self, think of this post and how much money you've saved....and keep it that way!!). Last year, I bought lots of wedding favors/decor at the beach with wedding money but that's over and done now! No more of my parent's money to spend!
Best of all spending time with my BFF and my family is definitely priceless quality time!! (I've got a little cuz curled up in the bed next to me right now! So cute!)

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

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