Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Savings!

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Finally I'm back into the swing of things! I'm glad that grocery stores have been so great lately because I haven't even missed anything at the drugstores, really! I did it a few CVS stores this week trying to do a couple deals, and then hit Harris Teeter pretty hard this week for Super Doubles (still going on through Tuesday!)

Harris Teeter

Trip #1

My frist trip to HT cost me $6.09. Over $2 of that was tax (tax is higher this go-around because the original coupon amount being taxed is higher with $1/$1.50 coupons!), $2 was for the drink mixes, and $2 was for the cheese- which I made back by earning a $2 off your next order catalina.

Trip #2
This trip cost me $2.76. Just under $2 was for tax. I essentially got the milk free by using the $2 catalina from the previous trip, and the only thing I really "paid for" was the corn- great deal at 8/$2 or $.25 apiece!
I was pretty happy with my first 2 trips- everything I wanted was in stock! My only problems were finding the correct sale items because a LOT were not marked (and some still aren't!) so I had to look them up in the ads and check a few on Express Lane in between trips so I'd know which flavor/scent, etc. to buy!

Trip #3 and #4
This is trip #3 and #4 combined because I forgot to take a pic until trip #4! Missing is another Jimmy Dean meal and a can of Pringles, because they were eaten before I got around to taking a pic! I also bought some sour cream because we needed it and forgot it in the pic since I was just looking for triples items and forgot about it!
Total for these 2 trips combined= $4.06- other than the $1.50 for the sour cream, the rest is ALL tax since I got all free items!
HT TOTALS= $12.91
Wow!!! :o)

I'm pretty happy with that since I got a lot of stuff we needed, like milk, cheese, ice cream (yeah that's a need!!), and a lot of stockpile stuff I was running low on!

My Publix trip is an example of buying things you don't really need, to get things you do need cheaper!
My in laws are in town, so we've been running through lots of coffee and creamer. I was out of coupons for creamer, and needed some more!
I was able to spend only $.65 tax and all on the above to get the creamer for much cheaper than buying it alone. The cereal was free, and everything else was a money maker- even if a small one, so they helped pay for the creamer!
There were a few okay sales at Kroger this week, but nothing I really needed- except for strawberries! They were only $1.50 a package and were much higher at Harris Teeter and Publix this week! I also picked up some lemons and limes to make lemonade/limade just like I used to have in Honduras and Mexico! (Thanks to My Penny Pile for posting the link!)
I spent just at $10 on the above, which was a little steeper than I'd like to pay, but we are desperately craving fruit right now!
No picture, but I spent around $25 this week at Aldi's this week trying to stock us back up on some fruits, veggies, chicken and shrimp! For the most part their prices are the lowest everyday price- although I did find the above things at Kroger cheaper!
No picture here either, but I got some great deals and Extra Care Bucks on free Therma Care wraps, and Soy Joy bars and used some of the ECB's from those to buy Folgers coffee which was also a great deal at $5.99 for a huge canister! I almost never keep coffee around because the hubby doesn't drink it, but we needed it with the in-laws in town for awhile, so I was happy to find it basically for free!
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