Monday, July 13, 2009

Mocha Monday

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With free Redbox movies not being every Monday anymore, here's a little something else to brighten your Mondays!

McDonald's is giving out free iced or hot Mochas every Monday from 7am-7pm from now until August 3rd! I believe these are sample sized, but no coupon or other purchase is required!
I've had both hot and iced- and they are pretty decent- much cheaper than Starbucks, even when they aren't free!
You may have seen the commercial for these, but you might want to call your local store just to make sure they are participating!
Also, if you are in desperate need of a free movie still- the code DVDATWAG is still working at Walgreen's Redbox locations, and at any location DVDONME or BREAKROOM are still good! Just make sure you use a debit/credit card you haven't used with it before!

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

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