Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Savings

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Another crazy week has made me a little lax on posting, and on shopping, but I have gotten in a few good deals!!! I plan to hit Publix a few more times before the sale cycle ends on Tues.


Took advantage of all of the free school supply goodies, and the free photo book which I made for our first wedding anniversary coming up next fact, I'm getting ready to go make another book for my friend's 30th bday present- coming up later this week! Since I had plenty of ECB's, I spent under $1 tax included for everything!

Tomorrow starts a new 3 day sale with another bunch of free school stuff- don't miss out!


I'm wayyyy too tired to list all of these out, but I was soooo proud of this shop and all of the overage I got from it! I would've repeated several of these deals already, but I had to leave town on short notice, so I'll get there again a few times before Tues, I hope!!
Everything in the back/right was stuff I needed, that wasn't necessarily on sale- soup, frozen veggies, fresh produce, and baked beans. If there isn't a good sale, I use overage to pay for store brand items (not always cheaper if there is a sale!!). The strawberries and blue berries were much more than last week, but I used a $2/$5 Food Lion coupon along with the overage to pay for it!
My total was around $4.50- a little over $1 before tax. I miscaluculated a bit because I had an extra bandaid coupon in my stack, so I threw in some more stuff to cover the amount the coupons would take off- otherwise I would've left an item out so my total before tax was as low as possible....still I shouldn't complain about it being a $1, right?! :o)
Visit I Love Publix to see her breakdown of deals- many of which are the same as mine!

This was my first Meijer "shop!" I was up in OH helping my bro out with a youth camping trip, and despite being exhausted and desparately ready to get home, I couldn't pass up a chance to use some coupons on their amazing clearance deals!

I've often stopped at Meijer to check out clearance, but I've never "grocery/coupon" shopped there!

I spent around $10 on all of this- not fantastic compared to my usual shops, but not bad either!

The Kraft dressing was a money maker- on sale for $1.50, used $1/1 coupons, and got back a $2 of your next order catalina!! And paid noooo tax! Yay, for no food tax in OH! :o)

I then took that $2 coupon and bought the strawberries -$.99 GREAT price!, Gold Star chili to take home (I stopped by the restaurant to eat my fave coney's too though- it is an addiction and a MUST when I'm in Northern KY or OH!) $1.99 on sale - cheaper than buying cans at the restaurant!, and some clearance candles, scrapbook stickers and the cute shell bowl which perfectly matches my house and was only $2.25!

It was a bit of a splurge because if I had truly been frugally shopping, I would've only gotten the salad dressing then 2 strawberries and a $.14 candle probably! However, I LOVE wandering around this store checking out all the clearance...believe me I could've done more damage, and several things when into my cart only to come back out later, since I'd promised myself I wouldn't spend more than $10!

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  1. I guess the trade off of no food tax in OH is no state income tax in TN. :) Meijer is a great store. I remember being a kid and we'd go visit my aunt & uncle in the Detroit area and we'd go to Meijer every time and kind of marvel at a store that (gasp) had groceries and discount department store stuff all in the same location. It was completely novel to be able to buy groceries and shower curtains and shoes all under the same roof. Now there are "super" stores everywhere.

  2. Haha! Yes, I too used to visit Meijer when visiting family in OH or friends in Northern KY! And I'd marvel at it every time too!

    I did loooove the no food tax, but I wouldn't want an income tax either!