Saturday, August 15, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

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If you aren't using's just a little taste of what you are missing out on!

All of this......cost cost me nothing! :o) In fact, I made money on it! Kroger is having triple coupons in Nashville stores near Harris Teeters (who are also tripling this week, but I haven't even bothered with this great stuff!!)

The above picture was 3 trips worth of stuff (3 boxes of Rice Krispies are missing because I gave them away already!). I essentially paid a little under $1 for 2 trips together, got $1.55 back in change for another (they scanned 2 coupons twice, and still gave me the money- although I promise I pointed it out and told them they should take 2 off!), AND walked out with $6 in catalina coupons which are good for my next visit off of anything in the store!

The cherry on top?? Obviously, there are more than enough items there to apply for the Kellogg's/Keebler Fuel for School Rebate, so I'll get back $10 more when I send in for that. Stupid me, somewhere between the store and the house lost a box of crackers AND my reciept but fortunately had just enough coupons to make it worth my while to go get more rebate items! How you just lose a box of crackers confuses me more than the reciept- I've had to chase those down in parking lots before because I've needed them for rebates!!

All in all, I walked away with tons of free stuff and made $15!!! Plus lots of stuff to give away! (milk, anyone??)

That's not even mentioning the 4 other trips I've made to Kroger triples.......

Sound like a lot of visits to Kroger, but since I have 2 stores participating so close to each other, I just hit them both on the way home! I don't have my exact totals on these, but I know that I spent either right at $1 or under for each trip!

Have to say, that while I hope Kroger triples come back again often, I sure hope they never get as crazy as Harris Teetter, where there are too many restrictions (Only 3 of each coupon, 2 internet coupons...way more rules!), too many people, and not enough restocking! I walked in HT the first day of triples, and walked right back out and headed to Kroger! It was the craziest time I have ever seen a supermarket- like Walmart on Black Friday (If everyone had a coupon binder on Black Friday!)

I was super mad at Kroger last week because they wouldn't let me use some coupons when I knew that they could be. But I *heart* Kroger at the moment! :o)

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

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  1. Woo-hoo!!! Great deals!! I am *heart*ing Kroger right now too! I have been working on scenarios for tomorrow with all the Betty Crocker/GM products. Free and mm's with the triples/mega/ecoupons

    I must admit, it is really confusing, trying to make sure I have ten mega items, but not more than 20 to triples per transaction, PLUS making it as little oop as possible (while hoping that the ecoupons come off properly) and hoping that they aren't out of stock on anything I want!!



  2. it is a little confusing! thank goodness there are so many q's out for all the sale items! I just took a lot of q's and then worked with what they had! Also, I did self scan and totaled it out right after scanning all of my promo items so I knew how much came off, and how much of my overage stuff to buy!!

  3. Hi. Your brother Craig pointed me to your blog (we go to church together) after seeing some posts from my blog I linked to facebook. I just thought it was funny that we both have couponing/savings blogs with Daisy in the title! Mine is I'll have to check yours out sometimes!

    Also, I am SOOOO jealous of Kroger triple coupons!!!!!

  4. Lucky, our Kroger only did the double to $1.

    Same thing happend to me. I left without Welchs & Sunny D juice, but I was able to go back and get what I paid for. My Kelloggs transaction with 20 other items came to $1.85....yay!