Friday, May 1, 2009

Freebie Friday

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It's nasty and rainy here in TN, so here's some freebies to perk you up a bit!!


  • Lots of free samples from ¡Vive Mejor! (Spanish for "Live Better!" but site is in English!)
    Helmann's mayo, Caress, Degree, Ponds



  • Free booklet from Alexia snacks (Tried these awhile back when I used a blinkie coupon at Harris Teeter triples on their waffle fries...yum!!)
  • Don't forget your Kellogg's coupons I posted about yesterday! These can get you CHEAP cereal and crackers!
  • Check out for lots of new coupons that just came out, some so hot they are gone already!
  • Join the Slimfast community to get coupons!
  • Two great ways to get Enfamil coupons here and here! I know lots of new/soon to be mommies needing this!
  • Sign up to get Bisquick, Pilsbury, and other great coupons by clicking below

Bisquick Pillsbury Cooking for 2

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