Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Savings

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Today I have a TRUE example of how much shopping with coupons REALLY CAN SAVE YOU!!!

It's slightly extreeme becauase I ran across something WOONNDERFUL this week, but it shows the possibilities coupons bring!

Let's say you go to the grocery store with under $5 to spend....Not a lot of money, right? You probably won't get very much!

Without coupons, you can get this.......

A Kroger this week, Flipz Pretzels are 2/$3,, you could get the two pictured above, just by shopping a sale. If tax isn't too high, maybe you can squeeze in one more and come under the $5 you have to spend. Doesn't sound too bad, does it??

But with coupons it gets better.......

You could take that same $5 to Kroger and get all this.........For less than $3!!! What?? Yes, less than $3, and that is WITH 5 bags of Flipz priced at 2/$3! How did it happen?? Coupons!! (oh and not pictured are 3 tubes of toothpaste I got right away when I discovered the triples, which I got for $.21, which was all tax! Still kept me at under $3!)

I'm actually still in slight shock that I did so well! I've done amazing things before with coupons, but this has to be the best!!

A couple days ago, I walked into Kroger only to buy one thing....and saw a sign for TRIPLE COUPONS!! What??? My Harris Teeter store triples often as you know if you regularly shop there or read about it here. But Kroger?? I've heard some Kroger's around the country triple small coupons and double larger ones than mine does. Mine only doubles up to $.50 and that's it! No triples, nothing bigger. So I thought maybe I was in the wrong store and went straight to customer service to ask!!

Turns out, several Kroger's in the area decided to triple up to $.99 in competition with Harris Teeter! Kroger's regular prices are cheaper than HT's regular prices, so that, with a few sales at Kroger, made for INCREDIBLE savings!!!! Most of that less than $3 was tax because I paid for very few items and even earned a $1 off your next order coupon by buying the small cans of pineapple!! I purchased the above 60 items in 3 transactions at different times. The limits are- only the first 20 per transaction triple (I don't know if that means you can divide transactions up or not, I didn't try!) and only manufacturer's coupons triple up to $.99 with no overage. Pretty simple terms. I have a feeling if they start doing this regularly there will be more terms!


If you live in Nashville, and are near a Kroger that's by a Harris Teeter, call and find out if they are tripling! I know for sure the ones at Edmonson/Nolensville and the one on Franklin Road right by HT are doing it! Supposedly 5 more are but they didn't know which ones! The promotion goes through MAY 9th!!! So there's a whole other week if you missed out! I may have that list posted in my Sunday savings if possible!

I also did pretty well at HT this week, at the beginning of their triples, spending about $5 on about 40 things, including ice cream, rice, toothpaste, deoderant, gum, waffles, and more, but I forgot to take pictures of that!

Walgreens and Target have also had some sweet deals that I've taken advantage of and plan to do more of today! I will try to post those later!!

Happy Shopping!

(check out Money Saving Mom and Southern Savers for more great shopping trips this week!)

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

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  1. I see you got some strawberry cake ;)


  2. Yep, I went back in and exchanged my German Chocolate one!! Also picked up some cream cheese frosting since it was $.19!

  3. Wow, Great Job!!! I must admit I am a little jealous that we do not have a Kroger in our area!!

  4. Thanks Ashley.....I just hopped over to your blog, and wanted to comment on your last food lion post and couldn't!! Looks like you might be having the same problem I did at first! When I put a custom layout on my blog it did something weird and deactivated comments, even though you cnan see the link for them!! So if you come back here and read this...I think what I did was went to edit HTML and clicked on "revert widgets to default," I think after that my comments worked, but I'm not sure!! I do remember it was a BIG hassle trying to figure it out!!