Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Savings

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I made so many different trips shopping this week that I was pretty bad about taking I'm just going to talk about my favorite ones!!

This is from last Saturday, but from after I wrote my Saturday Savings post!


Target has been running some awesome gift card deals lately! This one was buy 5 Kellogg's Special K crackers or cereals, get a $5 gift card! Since there were a bunch of amazing Kellogg's coupons that came out that week, I snagged a LOT with coupons from my mom and my 2 computers! (There are actually 4 boxes missing from this pic that I gave away!)

My husband DEVOURS cereal and has been trading sandwiches for tuna and crackers lately, so this was an awesome deal for me!! I started with a $5 gift card from another deal, spent about $2.75 each time I did the deal, and ended up with a $5 gift card in the end! So I spent about $.30 a box on these! That's definitely my target for cereal, since it's often something that's hard to get for free!


I ran into a good friend at CVS while there to buy papers on Sunday (they're $1!!) and waited to get them until I could snag some deals she told me about, since I hadn't even looked at CVS lists yet!

Since I don't have a pic, I'll just list my transaction-- because I'm so darn proud of it!! :o)

Bought- one Adidas deoderant
6 Vitamin Water 10
3 12 packs of coke
Used $1/1 Adidas
Used 3 $1/1 VW10
Used $15 in ECB's from last week's Scotch and Visine deals
Paid $1.70 oop and earned $10 and $3 in ECB's

Bought 2 Adidas deoderants (limit was 3)
2 colgate toothpastes
3 newspapers
Used 2 $1/1 colgate
Used 2 $1/1 Adidas
Use $13 ECB's from first transaction
Paid $.05 oop!! Earned $6 and $4 ECBs!

Even though I walked out with 5 less ECB's than I'd started with, I still think I made out amazingly, got some stuff I needed AND free newspapers!

I then took many of those coupons I got in the free newspapers to Harris Teeter and Kroger, which were both still tripling this week! (HT until Tues and Kroger's last day is today!)

Go see my last week's Savings post to see all the amazing things I got! I basically just picked up more of the same this week!


Sadly, this was the only HT pic I took!

I purchased all of this on Tues, part for our Cinco de Mayo dinner and part just because it was the last day of the Triples sale, although not even all of this was triples deals!

I spent $1.79 on all of this! The torilla chips had $2 off beef wyb 2 chips (which I also had coupons for and that made the discounted steak free too!), the rice and sour cream were free with triples, the chips were $1 each after coupon, then a $5 Walgreens Register Reward paid for the discounted ribs, jalepenos, tortillas and part of the chips! Love when I get things without coupons for such a great deal!

I'm a bit shopped out and my coupons need an overhaul after all the new sets I got to tackle triples this week! But my pantry sure is full!

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