Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Savings

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I've been so busy with being out of town every weekend for awhile now, shopping with triple coupons, and surrounded by babies (brand new BFF's baby born today too!) that I've been slacking around the blog lately!
I haven't been shopping as much as usual but I do have some great deals to report!! Technically some of this was last weeks too but I was out of town and officially they were all from sales/triples still carrying over to this week!

Harris Teeter

I did really well the first two days! However there was only enough in stock to hit my 20 coupon limit per day on the first day!

Then the last day they were out of a lot, and I was also running a little lower on coupons! I threw in a couple small Walgreen's Register Rewards to help pay for the detergent, which was the only stuff that wasn't free out of all of the above! And it was only $1.24 a bottle! So I really paid nearly nothing but taxes on all of my triples runs!


Triples were great again this time, although I may have like them better the last! Both of these pictures are from several trips each, and you can tell that the pickins were also getting slimmer on my last few Kroger trips! I still think Kroger is easier that HT's triples (since it's less widely known!), but many things were still out of stock towards the end! The only tricky part is some of the coupons weren't in their system and they had to manually enter them....turned out to often be a good thing (if they could figure it out, one trip I stood in line for almost 20 min because the girl was alone, it was late, self checkout was the only thing open and there were LOTS of customers including another woman with lots of coupons!) because they often gave overage!! Technically, the coupons only triple up to the price of an item to just give it to you free....I even tried to tell them on my first trip to make sure a certain coupon didn't give me more than it was supposed to....well, I walked out that trip paying $.10 for 20 things, tax and all! So no complaining here!

Just a few things like the french fries and hot pockets weren't free or nearly free, so with at least a $1 overage each time, I barely paid anything but tax (and sometimes less than tax!) on all of the trips! Oh and the Pepsi wasn't really even on sale, but the overage on deoderant ate some of that!


I had great intentions of getting to Publix more often than I did, but it just didn't happen with so much else going on! I did get a raincheck for the free plus overage dog food, so I'll try that again when its back in stock (they were still out as of Friday when it wasn't even on sale any more!)
I'm completely crazy about Publix overage, and their acceptance of competitor coupons! I feel like I'm really getting in a stride with shopping there, and usually get most of my "have to have" items without coupons there now. It's making me buy things I don't need- like the dog food, when I have no dog and mustard, which I have more than enough of! But when they give such great overage to pay for other things I need (like the veggies above!), and I can give those things away to those who need them....why not!!
Again, I barely spent anything but tax especially after throwing in a Walgreens RR in the last trip!
(any one else find a Publix that had mustard at $.99 and BOGO?? Each mustard made me $.50 instead of the reported $.30 overage!)

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