Monday, March 9, 2009

Money Making Monday

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Things to remember for making money online:

  1. There are lots of different ways to make a few extra bucks online. Notice, I said "a few extra bucks!" Anything that promises you $1000 a week or more, is probably a scam!
  2. I promise that I will only offer you programs that I personally have used or know some one they've worked for!
  3. Most of the legitimate ways to make money online are paid to read/click email programs and survey programs that earn a few cents or points that accumulate into cash or gift cards.
  4. I highly suggest creating a separate "junk" email account to use for things like this so your personal email doesn't get lost in it all! Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail are quick and easy, among many others!
  5. If you are interested in more offers that the ones I've highlighted already, check out the banners on the right side of my blog!

Welcome to Money Making Monday!

If you haven't read my entries on Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks, or just haven't signed up yet...go get busy!

I'm currently using Swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon e-card (even though I said last week I was going to wait!) to pre-order this book, Totally Together Journal by the lovely Stephanie O'Dea, who you may have followed on A Year of Crockpotting. Be sure to check out her book and her sites if you want to learn more about cooking in the crockpot (she's an official pro!) or organization (something I desperately need more of!)

This week, I'm highlighting You Data!

This is one of my favorite paid-to-click sites, in that it pays EVERY FRIDAY!!! Even though it may not pay very much at a time, it adds up! I probably have earned quicker through You Data than any other paid to click program that pays actual cents per click!

My very first week, I earned a little over $4, and since then it has been a little slower, but as long as I check it each week, I've been paid each week!

Basically, after you sign up, you fill out a few surveys (called a Me File) so that the ads you see are actually things you'd be interested in based on your answers! I've discovered quite a few interesting products, and gotten paid to do it!

Since my Me File is completely filled out, I've hardly had to do any work! You don't receive any emails (other than notices you've been paid), but you click on ads from the You Data home page or download a stand-alone ad player.
If you're a frequent visitor here, I've installed the stand alone program here on my blog page (you should see some info about it in the right side bar, or see the actual program if you are a member!), so I am reminded all the time to click on my own You Data ads since they are right there! I hardly ever even have to visit their site!

What I love about their payments, is they go through PayPal, so you instantly see your payments every Friday! Also, I have a PayPal debit card, so when I'm out shopping for the great deals you'll find throughout the rest of my site, and I have a low out of pocket, I often use my PayPal debit card, so it's really like I'm not spending any money! I laughed when I looked at my account earlier and saw several $.11, $.30 transactions....not my You Data payments, but my purchases with my PayPal debit card!
I hope you'll go take a look! Every cent counts these days, so sign up to get a few more every Friday!

~Stacey of Daisy's Deals~

Please email me for questions, suggestions, and anything else at daisysdeals (at) hotmail (dot) com. As I begin this journey, please bear with me as I am still learning myself! If you see anything that you feel is inappropriate or against store/website policies please "politely" let me know.

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